UNIT9 Director Tal Zagreba’s Curious Case of Creativity

May 14, 2024

“‘I never call myself a director, that’s something that other people call me,’ muses Tal Zagreba. ‘I’m just a curious guy – I like playing with things and creating cool stuff with people.’

Labels aside, with a string of global campaigns for brands such as Pringles, Samsung, Netflix, Muller and Volvo; a gold YDA and a Forbes 30 Under 30 nomination to his name, the UNIT9 director is clearly adept at funnelling that curiosity – and playful spirit – into award-winning creative excellence.

Having signed to UNIT9 last autumn, you might expect Zagreba to be in the throes of pitching or shooting, but when shots speaks to him over Zoom, he’s embracing life as an ‘enthusiastic tourist’ in Thailand – his floppy sunhat and backpacker’s beard a stark contrast to his AI-generated self-portrait in military-punk guise, sporting an impressive platinum blond quiff.

He had been due to return to Tel Aviv, where he’s normally based, last month – but with flights cancelled amidst the escalating Israel-Iran conflict, Zagreba’s island-hopping odyssey has been extended indefinitely.

It’s lucky, then, that Zagreba takes change in his stride – something he attributes to a childhood spent in the shadow of the Gulf War, and early memories of sirens blaring. ‘When you’re living in a place which is very unstable, you need to be dynamic.’”

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