Strike Anywhere’s AWESOME + modest on the Infinite Possibilities of Creating Art

June 25, 2024

Sean Donnelly is the lead director, writer, and animator of boutique animation unit AWESOME + modest.

Based in LA, AWESOME + modest specialises in mixed-media animation for documentaries, music videos, and commercials. Donnelly is mostly known for his Comedy Central animated series Jeff & Some Aliens. The Strike Anywhere director thinks being surrounded by so many different styles of art subconsciously reminds him of the infinite possibilities that any project can go in.

Here he takes us on a tour of his gallery of inspiration that keep his creative juices flowing.

Chinese Man’s painting
One day, I was walking in Chinatown in NYC, and I came across an old Chinese shoe cobbler outside on the corner. Plastered all over the wall behind him were lots of very cool, and unique drawings he had made. I asked him if I could buy this one of a man doing a high kick on top of a sheep, and he used a metal chisel to peel it off the wall and then handed it to me. I later learned that his name was Chung Man Keung, and he unfortunately died during the pandemic. A small publisher published a book about him and his work that I ordered and was able to learn a little more about him.

Head to shots to learn more about the treasures that fill Strike Anywhere Director AWESOME + Modest’s creative space.