MADRE’s Ben Perry Directs Purely Elizabeth’s First National Campaign

May 31, 2024

Granola brand Purely Elizabeth is looking to build on momentum from higher sales with the launch of its first national campaign.

The ‘Savor the Start’ campaign from TDA Boulder comes after first-quarter sales jumped 56%, according to the company.

‘We are at an inflection point in our distribution and want to grow brand awareness and sales,’ said Elizabeth Stein, founder and CEO of Purely Elizabeth.

To do that, the campaign focuses on the idea of taking small steps toward a larger goal. The hero spot finds a man eating a bowl of Purely Elizabeth original granola at his kitchen table. If he can start with a good breakfast, surely he can meditate for a few minutes … or hours, or study with monks, even leave his corporeal form.

‘We live in a culture obsessed with outcomes and perfectionism, so focusing on the power of the start was our guiding principle for this campaign,’ said Maru Bernal, creative director at TDA Boulder. ‘We wanted to remind people that on their journey toward wellness, one good choice can lead to another. That’s why our tone is encouraging and inspiring—not preachy or too serious.’

Honing on the creative was a new experience for the Purely Elizabeth team.

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