H/L’s Jackie Cornwall Shares Her Biggest Life Lessons

June 5, 2024

“My dad’s approach to life was the strongest influence on both my professional and personal life. Throughout his life, despite confronting many challenges, his mantra was always onwards and upwards. From him, I learned how to rise above challenges and push myself to be better and stronger.

Both my dad and stepmom were stellar examples of people who took positive risks to advance their careers. My stepmom—a former concert pianist and educator—transitioned into a successful career as a management consultant. Following a distinguished career as an automotive executive, my dad used his business experience and became a corporate career counseling specialist—mentoring and assisting senior executives to advance their careers.

From them, I learned the value of having a mentor, as well as the positive benefits of mentoring others—learning how to use your abilities in a variety of ways, and the generosity of helping others advance their own careers. I now realise the profound impact that has had on my life as I transitioned from my early career in public relations to my current role in advertising."

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