Greenpoint Pictures Directing Duo Mister on The Smart Way to Be Stupid

March 19, 2024

“Filmmakers Miche Sieg and Rose Chirillo, known as ‘Mister’, signed with bi-coastal production company Greenpoint Pictures at the tail end of 2023. Formerly an art director-copywriter duo, they became sick of letting their vision be watered down by other directors in long production pipelines, and so they set about doing it themselves.

Since their first freelance projects - a series of parody ads for ‘Cock Block’ cutting boards and spots for Miche’s trouser-based pottery company ‘A Pair of Plants’ (more on that later) - Mister have applied their stylish, colourful and ‘cleverly absurd’ style to campaigns for the likes of Squarespace, Nike and Truth Initiative.

‘We can’t outrun the writer and art director in us,’ says Rose, both having worked as creatives for a decade prior to directing. ‘We definitely both have opinions about everything in pre-production, but on the shoot days, I tend to be in front of the camera with talent, really focused on nailing performance and tone, whereas Miche tends to be behind the camera looking at composition and the bigger picture. I think that’s why it’s nice we’re in such a lock step throughout the process. Then, on set, we’re already aligned so that we can split our focus a bit.’’

Rose will say, ‘Good on performance’ (and give a thumbs up), and I’ll say, ‘Good on picture’ (and give thumbs up), and then we move on,’ adds Miche. ‘Yes, we definitely have different strengths. We are truly the other side of each other’s brain.’”

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