Boomshot’s Krysia Johnstone on Problem Solving Together

May 29, 2024

Growing up in New York and Los Angeles, Krysia fell in love with the industry after spending a summer working on-set with her father, a commercial first AD. Throughout her career, Krysia has worked with Radical Media, Anonymous Content, a White Label production, Roger, Bunker, Caviar, Pulse, Park Pictures, Honor Society, Imperial Woodpecker, Alldayeveryday, Sibling Rivalry, Identity, Arts & Sciences, and Epoch Films.

In May 2018, she joined the team at Boomshot. As head of production, she oversees all production aspects. She has worked for renowned sports and media brands, including NASCAR, FOX (Gieco, Google, Turbo Tax) FanDuel, 2K, ESPN, Resy, Apple, Nike, Geico, Coach, Target, and many more.

LBB> What advice would you give to any aspiring producers or content creators hoping to make the jump into production?
Krysia> Immerse yourself in as many different experiences as possible. Understanding what the folks below and around you do improves teamwork and makes you better at your job, so get in at the ground level: do the PA work, do the AC work, know what a grip does, and work your way up. Plus, being on set allows you to get a smattering of tastes for what everyone does, and I think that can help one find a good direction as to which department they may want to be in.

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