Arts & Sciences’ Mike Warzin and Impossible Foods Declare that Plants Can Be Meat

May 9, 2024

“Impossible Foods’ first campaign since its rebrand earlier this year is a new plea to animal meat eaters to consider plant-based versions. The campaign—which comes as grilling season heats up—features a backyard barbeque, hot dog eating contest and a burger joint to push the notion that ‘plants can be meat.’

'People know that they should eat less meat but they want that emotional reaction,’ said Leslie Sims, Impossible Foods’ chief marketing officer. ‘We are not a meat replacement, we’re meat too, just made from plants and we like to challenge that convention.’

The ads are narrated from the perspective of a male meat eater, who presents a call to action for meat eaters to eat more burgers, hot dogs and meatballs, just made from plants.

The brand earlier this year changed its packaging from teal green to red as a way to blend into the meat aisle and associate the brand with red meatiness.”

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