ArtClass AI Artist Paul Trillo Creates the First Sora-Powered Music Video

May 6, 2024

“Making its debut on May 2nd, the latest single for music artist Washed Out has something a bit more going for its silky chillwave beats. The music video for ‘Hardest Part’ was created by filmmaker and multi-disciplinary artist Paul Trillo and is the world’s first officially commissioned music video project to make use of Sora—OpenAI’s not-yet publicly released new generative AI video tool.

We sat down to chat with Trillo, who might be a familiar name to those following the AI video revolution as one of the few creators hand-selected by OpenAI to test Sora with a ‘First Impressions’ project, to chat about his new music video, his prompt-based processes, and his thoughts about the future of AI as a creative booster.

No Film School: Thanks for chatting with us, Paul. Before we dive into your process for this new music video from Washed Out and this AI revolution that we’re all a part of, could you share a bit about your background and history as a filmmaker and artist?
Paul Trillo: Well, going in it was never intended to be a revolution, but it has become one, and I guess I’ve kind of ended up on the tip of the spear for a lot of things for better or worse. I think part of that comes from a lot of my work has always experimented with technique, whether it’s camera technologies or post-production techniques. It’s kind of been genre agnostic, format agnostic.”

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