Witness Me Clients Are 2024 Ad Age Production Company A-List Winners and Standouts

March 11, 2024

Congratulations to Park Pictures on being ranked number nine on Ad Age’s 2024 Production Company A-List, and to Epoch Films, Love Song, and UNIT9 for being named Production Company Standouts. Head to Ad Age to learn more and view the entire 2024 Ad Age A-List winners!

Park Pictures connects with individual people while telling stories about large groups. J.M. Harper’s “1 in 8” for McDonald’s doesn’t focus on McDonald’s food—rather, it highlights what McDonald’s has done for the people who have worked there, such as teaching customer service skills and team-building. Rudy Valdez’s “Translators/Traductore” for U.S. Bank depicts another incredibly personal experience that’s a reality for many. Daniel Mercadante’s work for Bud Light includes real-life football fans preparing to watch their weekly games.

Epoch Films brings artful energy to a range of brand films, from Martin de Thurah’s timeless campaign for Levi’s, Kate Hollowell’s wonderfully quirky work for Tecovas, and Elena Petitti di Roreto’s jaw-dropping, Cannes Lions-winning spot for Working with Cancer Pledge.

Love Song’s focus on empathy fueled its most striking work of the year. Daniel Wolfe and The Harris Project take viewers into the mind of a mentally struggling teenager. Elliott Power shares a glimpse of kids and teens growing up in the age of social media for mobile network provider EE.

Unit9 leaned into mixed and virtual reality as an immersive way to reach young audiences. Jakub Jakubowski gave new life to Space Invaders, the arcade game that launched in 1978, by using Google’s AR capabilities to bridge the content with a user’s specific environment and enable it on a mobile device. A collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, led by directors Veronika Watson-Kuc and Zlaten del Castillo, brought a replica of the world-famous venue to Roblox, where users could interact with digital representations of real art and learn about its history.