The Work That Made Director and Photographer Yuann

March 6, 2024

"Yuann is a Japanese Chinese film director and photographer. He started his career as a graphic designer and art director in the fashion industry. In 2019 Yuann founded his film production house kidzfrmnowhere and has been constantly striving to push boundaries and break conventions through his works.

Fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and English, Yuann is able to transcend between languages and cultures, breaking industry standards. He has garnered attention from many of the world's most recognisable brands, such as Apple, BMW, Nike, Burberry, and many more. Yuann aims to stay genuine and to emphasise original storytelling through all his pieces."

Cadence Films director and photographer Yuann is featured in Little Black Book’s “The Work That Made Me” where he speaks on the influence of R&B, Madonna, and Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous.” Read the full feature in LBB!