Strike Anywhere’s Ryan Simon on Taking Brands Out of Their Comfort Zones

May 21, 2024

“Strike Anywhere is an award-winning creative studio based in California - you might know them from viral campaigns like ‘Coors Light Bear’ with football star Patrick Mahomes and Tubi’s ‘Interface Interruption’ Super Bowl spot. After starting as an independent film company 14 years ago, making narrative and documentary features, Strike Anywhere stands today as a diverse creative studio with a production arm made up of filmmakers, producers and creative minds.

Founders Barry Jenkins, Michael Jacobs, Justin Barber, and Ryan Simon initially met on the festival circuit and bonded over their shared love for the craft of storytelling, and ambitions to experiment with filmmaking for brands, agencies and film studios alike. ‘At the time, technological changes allowed us to break the mould in every way,’ shares Ryan. ‘Deconstruction of filmmaking approaches and pushing to do things we’d never done before fuelled our collective fire.’

He continues, ‘The way filmmakers worked with clients and creatives was blurring. Breaking these forms down, building them back up to be fresh and special, and finding ways to support our growth as individual and collective filmmakers was a lot of fun.’”

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