SLMBR PRTY’s Nutmeg on the Outdoor Adventures that Enriched Their Creativity

June 5, 2024

Nutmeg is the directorial duo formed by childhood friends Andres O’Beirne and Loucas Tsilas, now represented by New York production company SLMBR PRTY. They’ve spent a decade together as filmmakers, as well as working on social campaigns and leading direct-to-brand collaborations through their creative studio ALTO Visuals. But their friendship goes further back, unknowingly meeting for the first time on the tennis court as children, and later reuniting on the football pitch.

'Hence ‘Nutmeg’,' explains Andres. 'Loucas and I would keep a tally of how many times we could nutmeg each other. The lengths of this game would get pretty ridiculous, and ‘Nutmeg’ sums up our friendship, competitiveness, and never-ending process of keeping each other sharp.' Off the pitch, they also shared interests in skiing, photography, biking and general outdoorsy activities - which eventually became the subjects of their early filmmaking experiments.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest in immigrant families, Loucas says the duo are ‘fortunate to have a kaleidoscopic worldview.’ Having spent significant time in their parents’ home countries - Colombia and Ireland for Andres, Greece and Brazil for Loucas - they’ve been exposed to many cultures, traditions, and perspectives, and learnt the similarities and differences between them. ‘As we rotate our kaleidoscope, the cultures, stories and adventures merge in various ways, creating a multi-coloured image that shapes who we are, which in return enriches our creative vault.’

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