PS260's Ned Borgman, Lost Planet’s Chuck Willis, and Final Cut’s Phil Hignett Talk Cutting for Comedy

April 25, 2024

“Difficult to nail but imperative to capture – humorous elements of a creative project often deliver the most impact. From movies to TV shows, OOH ads to creative copy and even looking at the ins and outs of a script, it’s important to hone the comedic process of a project to deliver the funniest results.

So where do the important aspects of comedy come into play? Every part of the process, from script to execution, demands delicate handling to ensure the comedic spark ignites in just the right way. But arguably, the most important aspect is honed during the post production process of editing, which brings the entire project together. In the hands of adland’s editors, impromptu dialogue, imperative aspects of the script and those crucial pauses can be leaned into, fine tuned and crafted into some truly magical moments.

In a quest to unveil the secrets of achieving that perfect comedy edit, LBB’s Nisna Mahtani puts it into the minds of the post-production edit masters. How do they approach this particular genre? What intricacies enable that all important laughter and what are their top tips for creating something memorable?”

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