PS260's Matt Posey Edits “Who is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story.”

March 18, 2024

“Gucci has unveiled ‘Who is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story,’ a documentary directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the creation of the Gucci Ancora fashion show, the debut show of the House’s new creative director, Sabato De Sarno. Premiering exclusively on the Mubi platform on March 15th, 2024, the 20-minute short film, narrated by actor and ambassador Paul Mescal, promises a unique journey into the world of Gucci.

Delving into the visionary realm of creative director Sabato De Sarno’s inaugural collection for the House, ‘Who is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story’ unveils never-before-seen footage, weaving an intimate narrative that transcends the confines of the runway. Emphasising teamwork as a core value, the film showcases the collaborative efforts of Sabato De Sarno and his dedicated team, highlighting the collective passion and dedication behind the creative process. Through their lens, the film captures the essence of the fashion world’s allure, inviting audiences to explore the magic behind the curtains while getting to know Gucci’s new creative director as he shares his personal experience, revealing his passions and vision for the iconic brand. From the inception of the creative process to the meticulous execution behind the scenes, the movie presents a unique perspective on the untold stories that have shaped Gucci Ancora.

Following its premiere on Mubi and coinciding with the arrival of the collection in stores, Gucci will host screenings in major cities around the globe, allowing audiences to experience Gucci Ancora on the big screen. Marking a first within the fashion and luxury industry, an Apple Vision Pro enriched version will be available, ensuring that viewers can immerse themselves in the beauty and artistry of Gucci Ancora. Furthermore, in partnership with Air France, the House will make ‘Who is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story’ available on all flights throughout the month of April."

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