It's the Monday Roundup

July 10, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about Threads (so far) (Adweek)
What we know: it feels a lot like Twitter. What we don’t: how it’s going to monetize.

Surviving the Rise of AI (Fast Company)
Love an excuse to dip into David Ogilvy’s advertising wisdom, and this is a good one.

Disney World Hasn’t Felt This Empty in Years (WSJ)
Price hikes, heat, and thinning crowds = shorter wait times (still 27 minutes tho).

Pinterest Helped Joan, McCann, & Mojo Supermarket Redecorate (Ad Age)
Add it to your mood board! ‘Unboring My Boardroom’ led to some zany themes—and a better understanding of the consumer journey on the platform.

Guide to the Esther Perel Universe (The Cut)
Advice on marriage, nonmonogamy, dinner-party hosting, and her top ten erotic films.

The Best of Amazon Prime Day Deals (NYT Wirecutter)
But also cheap sunglasses and ice cream sandwiches, because duh it’s summer.