H/L Creatives on Developing “Temple Run” Inspired Game for Toyota

June 20, 2024

Creatives from H/L are featured in Little Black Book, discussing the development of the interactive video game “Toyota Test Track Cruise CTRL.”

LBB> Where did the racing game idea come from? Have you produced games before?
Will> We’ve been creating game-like videos for quite some time to great success, and making a real game felt like a natural evolution of our content. We always strive to push our creativity to the next level in every iteration and, whenever possible, ‘do it for real’. H/L has made several games in the past and we leaned on our experience with gaming to elevate this one to a new level.

Jenice> I think this level of video game-making definitely pushed the agency more than previous projects because of the duration and collaboration we had across almost every department.

LBB> What are some of the games that inspired this one? What features do you think make the best/most replayable games?
Jenice> We were pulling inspo from things like ‘Gran Turismo’ and ‘Need for Speed’ - and even GTA. But more than anything, we wanted the gameplay to be easy; something like a ‘Temple Run’ kind of vibe. It’s crazy that we got a Toyota video game before ‘GTA 6’.

Will> We might even get Test Track 2 before ‘GTA 6’… (spoilers).

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