Greenpoint Director Julia Pitch’s Creativity Totems

April 9, 2024

“Greenpoint Pictures’ director Julia Pitch is clearly a creative who favours the tactile; the items contained within her Favourite Things being physical representations of memories and moods.

Working as a DP for a few years before stepping into directing, Pitch established her name working with brands like the NFL, Samsung, Vans, and Nike, her fine art background informing her filmography.

Here she takes us on a tour of the tangible trinkets that keep her artistry alive.

'I travel a lot, so the only permanent fixtures that have survived my constant moving are small items that hold memories, usually doubling as functional.

This ‘lounging lady’ is an incense holder belonging to my godmother, Margo.

She was many things- a cigarette-smoking, jazz-listening, comedy-watching, New Yorker enthusiast.

She was a retired elementary school teacher and, before that, a theatre kid who did a stint in San Francisco in between protesting in the 70s.

She loved the ways of Zazen, and her house was covered with scribbles of inspirational quotes she liked.

She is no longer with us, but I love this incense holder!

It reminds me of when I was a kid and would go over to Margo’s house, listen to her (liberal) political soapbox, and get a glimpse of life beyond Dallas, Texas.’”

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