Gravy Films’ Cameron Harris and Harrah’s Make Fun Funnier with Martin Short

May 17, 2024

“Harrah’s Resort Southern California announces its newest mayor, Martin Short, with a show-stopping campaign featuring the legendary comedian and his stable of hilarious original characters.

Produced by Gravy Films and directed by Cameron Harris, Harrah’s Resort SoCal returns with cinematic grandeur and Short’s signature charm and magnetism in the campaign Make Fun Funner.

Mayor Marty ensures he’ll keep his campaign promises to Make Fun Funner in a faux political video, Classic Characters which is the first film of the campaign. In a smooth walk-and-talk, Mayor Marty stops to highlight Harrah’s Resort SoCal’s unique dining experiences, shows, and gambling. The audience is then introduced to classic Martin Short characters like Jiminy Glick and Ed Grimley, who are the main patrons enjoying all of these attractions, or in the case of famed SCTV character Jackie Rogers Jr., they’re the ones on stage performing.

Harrah’s Resort SoCal tapped Gravy to elevate this year’s celebrity mayoral campaign from production to post and delivery. In turn, the esteemed production company supervised the films and collaborated with Martin Short directly, his writer, and agency MMGY to bring the film to life. Delivering on the promise of the premise that Harrah’s Resort SoCal makes fun funner, its newest mayor kicks off his term in office as the living embodiment of unpredictability, surprise, and top-shelf fun.”

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