Arts & Sciences Director Tim McNaughton on the Making of Just Eat’s Stop Motion Spot

May 1, 2024

“When you think of a Just Eat ad what’s the first that comes to mind? If I were to guess, I’d say a big-name celebrity spot, maybe Snoop Dogg or Katy Perry, with that ever-present earworm of a jingle. Did somebody say…

But back at the start of March this year, the food delivery service did something a little bit unexpected and a little bit brilliant. Hoping to position itself as ‘more than just a weekend treat,’ the app introduced a whole host of furry new brand mascots.

These characters include a family of squirrels, student rabbits, a suburban beaver, an otter couple and city-living moles, each in relatable situations. That’s all very sweet, but what is so striking about this campaign is the level of craft that shines through in bucket loads. The puppets are the handiwork of Andy Gent (Wes Anderson’s puppet maker), while direction came from Tim McNaughton of The Bobbsey Twins. Getting into the minds of these two creatives, plus McCann London’s ECD Regan Warner, about the project is nothing short of fascinating.

With the brief firmly in place, the agency’s creative duo Matt Searle and Olly Wood got to work on the concept of ‘The Joy of Everyday’ and the script. As Warner tells The Drum, they put a ‘creative spin’ on it that gives viewers something that will ‘stick in their minds.’”

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