ArtClass Content’s Matvey Fiks and Yard NYC Celebrate Lilly Pulitzer’s 65th Anniversary

March 11, 2024

“To celebrate 65 as a brand, Lilly Pulitzer launch a new campaign directed by ArtClass Content’s Matvey Fiks in partnership with Yard NYC.The visually striking video authentically marries the female-founded brand’s rich heritage with the industry’s newest technology, resulting in a genius use of AI and a stylish juxtaposition made in heaven.

As the brand’s first campaign of this scale, the storyline focuses on one woman and her wildest, most wonderful dreams. Escaping her party for a moment, she gives herself a chance to meditate on, and then, manifest, what she really wants, which leads her down a serendipitous experience that changes her course for the better.

The campaign began running across platforms on March 8th (International Women’s Day), including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Meta, Pinterest and YouTube.Inspired by founder Lilly Pulitzer’s mission to create her own sunshine, the video flourished out of the idea that “when what you want doesn’t exist, create it.” That pioneering mindset is exactly what drove Lilly Pulitzer to build the brand we know and love today.

Taking a cue from another one of Lilly Pulitzer’s mantras of cultivating “a resort state of mind”, Yard NYC imagined what that warm, dreamy place looks like, using AI to visualise it in all its glory.”

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